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Georgian Wired Glass

Posted By : Performance Glass
In Categories : Latest News
Posted On : Thursday, November 5th, 2015

Pyroguard’s Pyrostem 2 is a high quality annealed Georgian Wired Glass with highly polished surfaces. It offers the highest rating of any wired product offering up to 90 mins integrity into steel. Key attributes to Pyrostem 2: Stops flames and smoke, No wavy wires, Offers up to 60 mins integrity into timber, Easy to cut, and can be bought as cut sizes or in stock sheets.

Pilkington’s Pyroshield 2 is a high quality annealed Georgian Wired Glass available in a textured obscure finish, or with highly polished surfaces. Test evidence is available for making double glazed units and roof lights, and large pane sizes can be offered for vertical application.