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For technical information and sales enquiries, contact our expert team on…

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Pellini’s Pleated Shading & Blackout Blinds are a very popular choice as they have a range of systems and offer enhanced privacy for its users. The Blinds are suitable for a range of different applications, including Bi-Folding Doors, Windows and other types of doors.

Pellini Blinds are known for their supreme build quality. They require little to no maintenance and are a product capable of lasting the lifetime of the unit. The magnets inside the unit only suffer a 2% reduction in a 100 year period. Performance Glass Processing are proud to to be registered suppliers of Pellini Blinds. Pellini are a well respected and renowned company based in Italy. Focused on quality, Pellini blinds are second to none when it comes to build quality and finish. The Pellini Screenline blinds have 6 different systems such as manual, electric, solar panel and magnetic

Screenline C System

The Screenline C System is a cord (manual) or External Motor (electric) operated integral blind. It is suitable for use in 20mm to 32mm sealed units.

Screenline B System

The Screenline B system offers a similar manually operated, tilt-only function for Venetian blinds found in the P System, but the control knob is positioned on the bottom of the glass unit instead of on the side.

Screenline M System

The Screenline M system is a motorised integral blind available as a Venetian Blind, a Pleated Blind and a Pleated Blackout Blind.

Screenline S System

The Screenline S System is the most popular integral blind product for bifolding doors, windows and sliding doors as well as fixed glazing.

Screenline S system is available as a Venetian blind with the magnet on the side of the unit or a Pleated blind with the magnet on the bottom of the unit.

Screenline W System

The Screenline W System is a battery operated integral blind for Venetian, Pleated and Pleated Black out blinds with a raise and tilt operation. It is suitable for 20mm to 32mm thick sealed units.

Screenline P System

The Screenline P system is a manually controlled system for Venetian blinds with a Tilt only operation. Used where the blinds are required to provide privacy but intended to be lowered at all times.

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