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Roller Blinds

Pellini’s Roller Blinds are a great alternative to the venetian blinds we supply to our customers. The Roller Blinds are suitable for a range of different applications, although they are particularly suited to structural façades.

Pellini Blinds are known for their supreme build quality. They require little to no maintenance and are a product capable of lasting the lifetime of the unit. The magnets inside the unit only suffer a 2% reduction in a 100 year period. Performance Glass Processing are proud to to be registered suppliers of Pellini Blinds. Pellini are a well respected and renowned company based in Italy. Focused on quality, Pellini blinds are second to none when it comes to build quality and finish. The Pellini ScreenLine® blinds have 6 different systems such as manual, electric, solar panel and magnetic.

ScreenLine® C System

The ScreenLine® C System is a cord (manual) or External Motor (electric) operated integral blind. It is suitable for use in 27mm sealed units.

SL27C Roller

ScreenLine® SL27C Roller is a patented magnetic system with manualoperation (raising function) for roller blinds incorporated within 27-mm double glazing units and featuring Verosol® fabrics, which are coated with an aluminium layer on one side.

The external magnetic device applied on the glass by means of high-resistance adhesive tape contains a cord loop and a magnet that is perfectly interfaced with the magnetic joint of the internal drive, which is completely housed inside the head rail. The movement provided to the cord enables the rotation of the magnets that activate the blind.
The cord is kept under tension by means of a cord tensioner applied on the glass. The correct unrolling of the fabric is ensured by a special valance, whereas a double mechanical end stop allows the blind to be stopped at its limit positions.

SL27C Roller is particularly suited to structural façades, although there are actually no limits to its application.

It ensures with time the insulating properties of the double or triple glazing unit, notably protection from dirt or weather conditions. The integrated unit can be fitted into the window frame like standard insulating glass.

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