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  • PGP Fire

    Suitable Applications: Timber Doors Offices Composite Doors Fire Escape Routes Fan Lights/Top Lights Apartments & High Rise Screens Social...

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  • PGP Acoustic

    Our array of ready-made Saint-Gobain acoustic and laminate glasses are cut and stocked in-house from 6.8mm though to 16.8mm....

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  • PGP Decorative

    Back painted glass provides a modern, creative and convenient solution for smooth walls, internal partitions and splashbacks and is...

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  • PGP IGU – FR +

    Manufactured in-house to ensure the highest quality for both residential and commercial applications, our Insulated Glass Units incorporate the...

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AGC’s PYROBEL range is a laminated annealed glass construction, using multiple fire rated interlayers to offer both integrity and insulation. These have been the market leaders for many years and their unique structure allows them to achieve larger pane sizes than many other comparable products. With specifically designed horizontal application panels, this range covers most eventualities.

Product NameDesign Thickness (mm)CertifireImpact Rating to EN12600Acoustic Rating dBRw
PYROBEL 1617.3CF 3772(B)239 dB Rw
PYROBEL 16 EG21.1CF 3771(B)139 dB Rw
PYROBEL 17N17.8CF 3771(B)139 dB Rw
PYROBEL 17N EG21.6CF 3771(B)140 dB Rw
PYROBEL 2526.6CF 3771(B)140 dB Rw
PYROBEL 25 EG30.4CF 3771(B)143 dB Rw
PYROBEL 3030CF 3771(B)142 dB Rw
PYROBEL 30 EG33.7CF 3771(B)143 dB Rw
PYROBEL 53N52.7CF 3771(B)148 dB Rw
PYROBEL 53N EG56.5CF 3771(B)149 dB Rw
PYROBEL 19H19.1CF 3771(B)138 dB Rw
PYROBEL 23H23.7CF 3771(B)139 dB Rw
PYROBEL 28H28.4CF 3771(B)141 dB Rw