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Welcome to our Performance Installations, where we highlight our expert glass installation services designed to enhance both safety and aesthetics.
Our certified team ensures precision and quality in every project, from fire-resistant glass to advanced acoustic solutions, seamlessly integrated into your space.

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At Performance Glass Installations, we provide bespoke glass solutions designed to enhance both the look and functionality of various spaces.
We are dedicated to delivering high-quality, precise installations that not only improve energy efficiency but also create visually stunning environments.
Our commitment to excellence is evident in our portfolio of completed projects, each showcasing our expertise and attention to detail
Manchester Convention Centre Glass Partition

Manchester Convention Centre: Case Study

One our latest projects (May ’24) at the Manchester Convention Centre, installing glass wall partitions and doorways. The objective was to modernise the convention spaces, providing both functional division and an enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Our team installed high-quality glass panels, ensuring precise measurements and seamless integration with the existing architecture.

The installation created sleek, transparent partitions that maintain an open, airy atmosphere while offering clear separation of spaces.

This case study highlights our expertise in delivering sophisticated glass solutions for large-scale commercial venues.

Skylight Glass Roof Box Installation: Case Study

PGI completed the installation of a custom Skylight Glass Roof Box for a contemporary residence.

The client sought to enhance their living space with natural light while maintaining energy efficiency.

Our team designed and installed high-performance glass panels, ensuring a perfect fit with the home’s modern architecture.

The result was a bright, inviting interior with improved insulation and weather resistance.

The client was delighted with the transformation, which beautifully combined aesthetic appeal and functional performance.

This project highlights our commitment to delivering tailored, high-quality glass installation solutions.

Sky Light Glass
Office Glass Wall Partitioning

Glass Partition Installation: Case Study

Expertly installed; a contemporary glass partition in a dynamic office environment.

The client sought to optimise the office layout by creating distinct work areas while preserving an open, light-filled atmosphere.

Our team delivered a custom glass partition with sleek black framing, ensuring a perfect fit and stylish integration with the office decor.

This installation effectively divided the space, enhancing both functionality and visual appeal.

The client was highly satisfied with the result, noting significant improvements in both privacy and the overall aesthetic of the workspace.

This project showcases our capability to provide bespoke glass solutions that elevate the design and efficiency of commercial spaces

Glass Installation at Bradford College: A Case Study

Tasked with enhancing the natural lighting and modernising the educational facilities, our team installed high-performance glass panels across various key areas at Bradford College.

The focus was on delivering durable, clear, and aesthetically pleasing glass solutions.

The project transformed the college’s interior spaces, making them brighter and more inviting for students and staff.

The feedback from the college community was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the improved ambiance and functionality.

This case study highlights our expertise in providing high-quality glass installations tailored to the specific needs of educational institutions.

Bradford College

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